It hurts me to look at you Only to feel you, eases the pain Time drags, every minute I long for reality. However!! I will not wish my life away Closing my eyes to see you Is becoming less satisfying Like an addict I thirst for more To embrace you Run fingers through your hair … Continue reading Time


I knew you then Yet I have only met you now Another period of looping cycles A tweak here and there Is it a test? Will we end our journey sometime? Are the greatest of times within sight? The infinite space our new home Settled- content- wonderful Looking back at different lives Smiling Remembering Discussing … Continue reading Infinite


Like a rock challenged by the waves You stand strong, unyielding Pushed Pushed again But never leaving Loyal and true, you never falter Care and love the broken water No gain or favour do you seek Surf and tide are yours to keep Watching,  you wait Next rush coming Eternal guardian oh, so stunning My life, I … Continue reading Devotion


Naked and bathed in moonlight You think of him Hardened peaks cooled by gossamer breeze Heated by delicious thoughts You gently squeeze fleshy mound Peaks growing taller, firmer Exquisite ache You call his name Hand slides down Calming the thunder Gliding over rib Swirling around trembling belly Tips of fingers, barely touching A symphonic dance … Continue reading Connected


We speak in whispered tones Underneath a star-filled night To resist creatures gossip Those that covet our light We lie upon our blanket As we giggle at our sin The odd twig scrapes against us As you hold me tight within Silky motion Underneath the moon Gives rise to Joys explosion Crescendo to our tune We hold … Continue reading Underneath


He was not ashamed, neither did he feel guilty He loved with passion, he gave it everything So much love for one woman, slowly leaking from his huge heart Bleeding in slow motion He didn't try to stem the drips Every drop was worth it A dehydrated heart, lonely and sick Dry and broken But … Continue reading Heart


I will wait Deep kisses Full lips I will wait Smiles and stories Our future glories I will wait Dancing and singing Taking and giving I will wait Support and encourage Carry your luggage I will wait Breakfast in bed Content and fed I will wait Passion and desire Senses on fire I will wait … Continue reading Wait


I locked my door You found a way through Joyous anticipation thrilled you As the room of mystery opened Dusty books rested on rickety shelves A title called memories catches your eye You reach but cannot touch Looking around you see a jug Emotion is engraved on its side Craving to hold You head for the … Continue reading Thief


When the White light flashes The Black room awakens Green gives his approval to proceed Things are warming nicely with Amber Slowly, enticing Red into play Pink reveals herself ever so delectably Hastening purple to unite Rainbows drift in Taking over the scene Blending all hues A psychedelic scheme Riding sweet waves Swirling in motion Colours … Continue reading Colours


For Bojana Kind and loyal Humble beyond measure Generous to those that need You're a knowledge vault Full of treasure A  vocation The Florence Nightingale, for writers Shining your golden light Visions in the dark Emerging bravely Led by your sweet amber glow Inspired, they follow Illuminated path Among mocking doubts Ignoring peers Wrath Unshackled, … Continue reading Light