About Me

Welcome to visions of Paul.

Yes, my name is Paul, and a lot of you, know me by my old blog “Heart within art.”

A lot of you, have probably not even noticed the change. 😉


I’m passionate for photography, art, and music.


This site will include writing only, although I will introduce some of my favourite subjects, by incorporating them with my written posts, and indeed by dedicating some posts, solely to the subject matter.

I lost a bit of passion for writing, which in turn led to a lengthy break from “Blogging”

But I’m a sucker for punishment so, here I am again.

I thought it wise to start again, hence the new blog identity.

A fresh start.

Well that’s about it, I hope you bear with me, as I find my feet again, and I hope you, will enjoy my new blog.

I am very easy going, so feel free to comment, say hello, or whatever you like.

Hopefully I’ll make new friends, as well as catch up with old ones.

Bye for now 😉